How Real Estate Agents Can Network at Any Event

Networking is important for building a thriving real estate business and provides avenues for new opportunities. Networking can be done at large formal events, backyard BBQ’s, or casual conversations at the grocery store and is a cost-effective marketing method.

If you’ve never networked then follow these guidelines and you’ll master the art of networking in no time. 

Step 1 – Prepare

  • Research the event and understand its purpose. This shows other attendees that you’ve taken an active interest in what’s important to them.
  • Select an outfit that’s appropriate for the event and venue. If you’re unsure of the dress code then ask the host ahead of time . Some events may be black-tie while others are jeans and a t-shirt. 
  • Read news headlines on the day of the event. These make great conversation starters…..but avoid talking politics.
  • Know the real estate markets in your area. Everyone loves asking real estate agents about the markets. 

Step 2 – Attending the event

  • Say hi to the host. The host will most likely introduce you to other attendees.
  • Introduce yourself to others. Say “Hi, my name is….” while extending your hand and making eye contact.
  • Lead conversations by asking open-ended questions about family, job, dreams, and recreation. Avoid talking about politics and religion unless these are specific to the event. 
  • Listen for commonalities during conversations and use that to build rapport.
  • Never speak with the intention to “Sell”. Instead, speak with the intention to “Help”.
  • End the conversation by extending your hand, telling them it’s been great talking and you look forward to talking again then ask for their business card. This is a natural cue to end a conversation and  leaves the door open for follow up.

Step 3 – Follow Up after the event

  • Send the host a written thank you card within 24 hours.  Handwritten thank-you notes stand out more than email.  
  • Add all your new contacts to your CRM program using the business cards you collected from the event.
  • Send your new contacts a quick email stating it was great meeting them at the event and thank them for the great conversation. DON’T PUSH FOR A FOLLOW UP MEETING. Pushing or using hard sale techniques will make you appear insincere. Y
  • It takes time and cultivation to build relationships. Don’t rush it. Reach out to your new contacts every once in a while and ask how they are doing. Show genuine interest. 
  • Host your own event and invite all your new contacts. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to network with others.

A few other tips

  • Politics and religion are usually not okay to talk about.
  • Maintain eye contact during conversation.
  • Wear something bold or unique that’ll attract some attention an makes a great conversation starter.
  • Have plenty of business cards with you.

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