What are the steps to getting my Indiana real estate license?
  • You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Complete the online 90 Hour Prelicense Broker course.
  • Pass the Indiana State license exam
  • Apply for your Indiana real estate license.
  • Affiliate with a managing broker.
What does ARELLO Certified mean and why is it important?

Who is ARELLO?
ARELLO is the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials. They are an international membership-based and member-managed organization, with a mission to support jurisdictions in the administration and enforcement of their real estate license laws.

What does ARELLO Certified mean?
In an effort to protect the public through quality education of its regulated professionals, the ARELLO Education Certification Committee has developed a set of Distance Education Standards that is applicable to all fields and professions. “ARELLO Certified” assures that important educational principles are being adhered to.
Their Distance Education Certification Program certifies distance education courses using their comprehensive and rigorous Distance Education Standards. This program fosters excellence in professional education by evaluating the design and delivery of distance education courses


Hondros is the publisher and platform provider of our online program. They maintain the online content and ensure it remains compliant with ARELLO guidelines.

Is Wohrle Real Estate School licensed and approved?

Yes, our school and director are licensed with the State of Indiana. The Indiana Real Estate Commission has approved the course content. The school’s license numbers are SC41800017 and CE21800092. The director’s license numbers are INST200849 and INST200846

What is the average salary for a real estate agent?

The average salary for a full time real estate agent is $86,295/year according to Indeed.com. Most real estate agents work on a commission basis and the above salary average can vary by state, city and current market values.

What is the online course like? Is there a demo?

The online course is a combination of reading, videos, and interactive quizzes. The course comes with everything you need including e-books and CompuCram test prep. The course has 3 exams which are composed of 100 questions each. You’ll need to pass each exam with a 75% or higher. You may retake the exams as many times as needed so long as your course has not expired. A course demo is available to try.

How do I use CompuCram to prepare for the state license exam?

CompuCram comes bundled with our 90 hour Indiana Broker Pre-license course and is a fantastic study resource. An instructional video is available at https://youtu.be/ryD6N1axxjE

Who do I contact if I need help with the course?

Contact information for tech support and education support is available on our contact page.

How long will it take to complete the online pre-license course?

The seat hours for the pre-license course is 90 hours. However, just like in a classroom setting, its not unusual for students to spend additional study time outside of the seat hours.

Does my course have an expiration date?

Students must complete all online courses within 6 months. Once a course expires the student will loose access to the online content and CompuCram. A one time extension may be purchased by calling customer service at 1-800-282-7972 but must be done prior to course expiration.

How do students obtain a copy of their completion certificates?

The school will email you a copy of your completion certificate. Students may also download a PDF copy from their student dashboard.

What is the school code?

The school code is SC41800017 and will also be printed on your certificate.

Are there additional study resources available?

Yes, additional study resources are available on our Resources page.

What happens if a student is caught cheating?

If a student is caught cheating then their course will be canceled with no refunds issued.

Can students print the course materials?

The course is entirely online and is not designed to be printed. We recommend that students take notes while going through the course. There are PDF documents throughout the course which you are able to save/print. Students who would like to purchase an optional printed text may do so at this link

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds offered for online courses.

Am I able to print a copy of the online exams so I can study them later?

Unfortunately no. Per state mandated guidelines, no portion of any tests are permitted to be duplicated, shared, or disbursed.

I didn’t pass my state exam, what should I do?

The exam center will provide you with a printout showing what areas need more study. Students can go back and review any course modules so long as the course hasn’t expired. Pay special attention to Module 11 – Course Wrap Up from the online course. Module 11 has a lot of helpful test taking tips. Additional study resources are also available at our Resources page. You can schedule a retake thru www.psiexams.com/INRE.

Are there any tips to help me pass the state exam the first time?

Students who pass the exam the first time take lots of notes as they progress thru the course. They also spend time doing as many practice tests as possible. Students are encouraged to schedule their state exam as soon as they finish the course so the content stays fresh in their minds. Students should also utilize the CompuCram test prep system which comes bundled with the course.

How much does it cost to become a real estate agent in Indiana?

The 90 hour prelicense course bundle starts at $599, the state exam is $53, and the state license fee is $60. After coursework, application, and license fees, you will join a Board of Realtors® and depending on the association you join it could be up to $1,500. **Course fees, exam fees, license fees, and membership fees are subject to change without notice.

Are there options for Kentucky real estate courses?

Not at this time.

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